Oasis International



OASIS International has built its reputation on the ability to Supply Valves and Machined Castings with unequalled lead times not only for Standard valves but also for custom designed valves for many applications from general service to the oil and Gas, Power, Off-Shore, Chemical and Petro- Chemical Industry. The aim of our activities at present is in particular the high technical Standards. Short delivery terms and first of all reliabilty and Quality.

Our sister concern 'Aqua Valves' has been manufacturing high quality valves since the production of valves started in 1992. We manufacture Valves as per EN, BS, API standards Our quality is assured by ISO 9001, We have already obtained CE certification and have initiated steps for ATEX. API monogram will be obtained any time now since the process is completed. Fire safe qualification is available, Cryogenic, Helium / Vaccum, Fugitive emission test and Cyclic tests etc, as well as in house R and D engineering department. Our Design office infra-structured staffed by competent engineers who work on continuous product refinement and innovation. All design are made on Auto Cad. As such we can offer our clients tailor- made valve solution. Presently we are executing Ball Valves of sizes as high as 750mm.

Our approach at Oasis is based on people, process and performance. By equipping the best people with best technology. By this principle, we become an integral part of our customers.

At Oasis our people are truly our valuable assets. The organization is made up of functional team and all team members are capable of contributing to customer needs product development, quality management.